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Low-Cost, Intelligent, Remote Environmental Monitoring Solutions

SEMAT provides aquatic monitoring solutions that are:
  1. Low-cost;
  2. Versatile;
  3. Application-specific;
  4. Evolve with emerging technologies; and
  5. Tailored for developing countries.

We offer a range of surface/subsurface and benthic monitoring products that remotely collect data on key environmental parameters such as temperature, light, depth, salinity, turbidity, etc.

Our products are ideal for agriculture and aquaculture applications.

Data is presented in near-real time via this easy-to-use web interface. Data can then be exported for use in other more specific modelling software packages.

SEMAT provides the ability for a user to set alerts when specific environmental conditions exist so that the symptoms can be immediately and effectively managed.

Click on a marker in the map to view the deployment at that location.

2017/2018 and 2018/2019 winner of the Logan City Council EnviroGrant scheme.

2018/2019 winner of the Seqwater Community Grants scheme.

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